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1. To make available an opportunity; to learn or experience new things.  

2. To make (something) visible, typically by uncovering it.; cause someone to experience; to make (something embarrassing or damaging) public ; reveal the true and typically objectionable nature of (someone or something).

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Welcome to Expozher

A behind the scenes pass into my Country & Cultured life.

Welcome to Expozher


Hey hey hey!


I’m Jessica René Fountain, a globe-trotting, food-loving, creative artist and entrepreneur.  I am a country girl at heart, with global aspirations, and believes life begins when you learn to Live Intentionally and Freely Everyday.  Thank you for joining me, here, in a space I call Expozher.   Created for me and by me, Expozher, is an opportunity for me to share my love of experience, exploration, & self discovery through my country & cultured lens.  So, go ahead take a look around and get comfortable as I sip, savor, and explore my way through this world one experience at a time.



Have a look around

Country & Cultured

Country & Cultured

My way of accurately describing the woman I have evolved into. One that find as much joy in a spades-playing, word-twisting, who’s dressing is the best-debating framily gathering, as much as fireside-chatting, Pinot Noir-sipping in Sonoma Valley.  Today country & cultured has become more of a community.  Creating space for likeminded adventurers, like myself, though despite how others view them,  are determined to experience life the only way they know how...authentically.

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